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Reduce energy costs and allergy causing pollens

More than ever, homeowners are becoming aware of the benefits of energy conservation in their homes. Energy efficiency can and should be considered an investment because of the many benefits of an Energy Efficient home, such as; savings on energy costs, cleaner air, increased home value and more comfortable living spaces.

J Ferg Energy Pros experienced professionals use the latest technology and energy efficient methods for your business or home. We offer a full-range of energy saving services including: Energy Efficient Windows, Foam Insulation, Air Sealing, Energy Efficient Light Bulbs, Radiant Barrier, as well as AC and Heating.

J Ferg Energy Pros provides free estimates, fully guaranteed work, and the best service in Lubbock, Texas and surrounding areas. Whether you need new windows, air sealing, foam insulation, energy efficient light bulbs or a Radiant Barrier, J Ferg Energy Pros is the company you can trust. Our services can do more than improve energy efficiency, they can also protect your home from potential damage, and make it a more comfortable and healthier place to life. J Ferg Energy Pros is backed by the security and peace of mind that comes from working with a locally-owned company that’s reliable, prompt and dedicated to customer service.


“J Ferg came out, did an energy audit, and with their recommended upgrades, I am now saving 40% on my utility costs!”

“J Ferg cut my utility costs by an average of $118 per month. The upgrades only cost me $76 per month. I increased the value and comfort of my home, and now it’s paying me!”

“Every company told me their product could save me money, but what I appreciated about J Ferg was that they did a full energy audit on my home and showed me exactly where I was losing energy before recommending any upgrades. They catered to my specific needs, and financed everything for me.”

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